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Basecamp Next….some sneek peaks

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First things first, 37 Signals have told us that Basecmap Next will no longer be called “Next” but instead the current version will be referred to as “Basecamp Classic” and the new version will simply be called Basecamp.

Over the past 2 weeks we’ve been drip feed information about the new version of Basecamp. Now, thanks to some videos from 37Signals we are able to have a look at what the new version of Basecamp will look like. Here is a short video of the new UI;

We particularly love the use of page overlays that will allow us to quickly switch between To-Dos, lists and projects easily. We also feel that the new design makes everything clear and easy to understand.

We’ve also been able to have a quick look at the new Calender, which has some really nice features like the ability to drag and drop calender entries;

We are looking forward to the launch of the new Basecamp in “Early 2012″ and will stay up-to-date on any more information that is released


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